Monday, September 21, 2009

Unseen Rajasthan Award Time

This Award will be given to the one who has a Great Blog in terms of Photography and Writing.

A)Pass The Award to 10 Bloggers and Link Back Unseen Rajasthan.(Right Click on the Link and Select Copy Link).

B)Mention Why you Like the Blog that has given you the Award.

C)Those blogs which have received this award will have to collect the Award from sidebar of Unseen Rajasthan Blog.

D)Apply the Award on the Blog.

Have A Happy Award Time.

I Would Like to pass on the award to:

1)Divsi from Scraps of Bread.
2)Bhavesh From Infobybvc
3)Renta from Eu E DAI ?
4)Babli From Amazing.
5)Karen From Altadenahiker.
6)Helena From Helena Afonso.
7)Eva From Evajbb.
8)Lam Ching Fu from FUFU.
9)Leif Hagen from Eagen Daily Photo.
10)Andresa from Selos e Mimos da Bibiba
11)Megha From Art on Sketch.

Wish you all a very Happy Award.



Thanks for the award and visiting me, my friend!
Have a nice day, with smiles and flowers!
Best wishes,
Renata Cordeiro

fufu said...

yeah it's awesome =p my pal!!
it's really my pleasure to have this award... first of all, i would like to thank you my mother, father, blablabla and all the supports given by my readers.... :) and last but not Unseen Rajasthan to give me this award XD *hugs*


THANK YOU SO MUCH BHARAT for your reward, it is a great pleasure to receive from you, I shall pass it away as soon as I can, I will be trvelling again this week-end to malaysia, to photograph some beutiful sites like BORNEO and will be glad to post my photos at the end of October,till then keep well and take care,


My friend, I put your award on my Blog SÉTIMA ARTE. I´ll share it with my friends later cause, I´m to busy now.
Sending smiles to you,

divsi said...

m all smiles:) :) thanks so so much bharat for sucha beautiful award! M so honoured it comin frm an accomplished blogger like u! This award relle relle means a lot to me! Rajasthan the place i admire n adore:) thanx again for yr motivation n appreciation n also for gettin me on cloud 9 today:D cheerz ! Have a gr8 week ahead:)

Cookie said...

Congrats on the award!

Linda said...

Obrigada pela visita, volte sempre!
Parabéns pelo seu blog!
Gostei muito das imagens, são lindas!

Beijos! Kisses!

Kavita Saharia said...

Bharat,wow some award time...nice way to discover some very good blogs.I was touched very deeply by your comment,i am lucky to have a brother like you.Bharat ...i have changed my blog into a group blog(gals) where prime focus will remain the same..our customs,traditions,people and places...i will have lesser input but be prepared because i might invite you as a guest writer(you can write about Rajasthan) in coming months.

railer said...

thank you for visiting my blog! come back more times!

Olivier said...

FÉLICITATION, cela te fait une belle collection d'Award, j'espère que tu as une grande vitrine

Wisdom Words said...

Congrats on the award !!

Carola said...

Thank you for your visit on my blog, I'm still learning English, so my communication is bad = D

I loved your photos, especially the monkeys! I love animals!

Which country are you really?
Traveling is the best in life,

I visit whenever you want, is very welcome!

Carola said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

You are very kind, and I will post it straight away. And I'm sure you already know how much I enjoy your work.

claude said...

Thanks Bharat ! Thanks so much !

Leif Hagen said...

Thanks for the award! I have it on my blog front page! Kind regards from EAGAN daily photo blog

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

i love these pots! Fifth from the top is my favorite. And of course, I love the mask!

Clytie said...

I can't wait to carve out a niche of time and visit these awarded blogs. I just know they are awesome!

Phivos Nicolaides said...

This is an excellent blog and I do like it!

Ken Mac said...

1 scary face

Ayie said...

congrats on the award and awardees!

LV said...

A very interesting and informative post. Great job.

Jen Laceda | Milk Guides said...

Congrats, everyone! More blogs to check out for me!

Lucy said...

Thank you for visiting my Day to Day life blog. I hope you enjoy it. Lots of forgotten memories stirred up.

yogesa said...

Interesting concept... and good Blog with informative pictures...