Thursday, April 16, 2009

Rat Temple--Karni Mata Deshnok

This Photograph Is From Karni Mata Temple- Dehsnok (Bikaner).This Is Also Known As "Rat Temple".There Are Thousnad's Of Rat In The Temple And People Are So Devoted That They Donot Hurt The Rat's Neither Rat's Hurt The Devotees.All The Rat's Are In Brown Colour And It Is Said That If You See White Rat There Then You Are Lucky And Your Wish Will Be Granted.Amazing But True..Now Dnt You Think That India Is Full Of Amazing Things???

Monday, April 13, 2009

Amazing Place-Built By GHOSTS !!!

This Place Is Known As "Chand Bawdi" Which Means Moon Pond.This Place Is Known As Abhaneri.The Speciality Of This Place Is That It Is Built In A Sinlge Night And Surprisingly Not By Humans But By Real Ghosts During Ancient Times.There Are Thousands of Stairs In This Pond And You Cannot Come To The Same Step Again Once You Have Crossed It.Even I Tried Putting My Handkerchief On To One Stair And Could Not Reach There Again.......Beautiful Place For Photography.....!!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Only In India !!!

This Photograph Is From Pushkar( Most Holy Place Of India ).This Boy Is Dressed Up Like Lord Shiva (Destroyer As Per Indian Religion).He Has Got His Skin Coloured And Is Wearing Real Tiger's Skin.On His Neck He Is Wearing An Artificial Snake And On His Belly He Has Tied Water Mug,Knife And A Belt Made From The Tail Of Tiger.In His Hand He Is Holding "Trishula" Which Is An Iron Rod Topped With Three Edges On Left,Right And Center.This Happens Only In India..On Of My Best Shot I have Ever Taken.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ship of Desert...

This Photo Is From Ranthambor-Rajasthan (Tiger National Park). During My Journey, I Found A Group Of Camel was Moving To Their Homes In The Evening After Having their Food In The Day Time.You Can See The Kid Of Camel Is Standing Near By His Mother, Who is Feeding Him Milk .Other Camels can also be seen there....

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

World Famous Hawa Mahal

This Photograph Belongs To Jaipur-Rajasthan. Situated In The Most Busy Market Of The City.This Place Is Known As "Hawa Mahal" Which Means Palace Of Wind .There Are Thousands Of Windows In It And King Used To Live Here During Summer Times And Whenever Any Festival Was Organized Queens Used To Watch The Same From The Palace Through The Windows.Really Wonderful Place To Go.......

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Jaipur- Amber Fort

This Photograph Is From Amer-Jaipur One Of The Finest Fort Of The World.This Is The entrance To The Royal Fort.The King's Used To Pray Lord Ganesha Before Entering Or Moving Out For Any Activity.The Window On The Top Was For The Queens To Welcome King By Dropping The Flowers From There.This Fort Is Around 200 years Old And Was Never conquered By Anyone.Real Amazing Place To See The Architecutre And Techonology.

On the top of the world...:)

I Am On The Top Of The Hill Trying To Fly High In The Air.Behind Is The Place Where The Movie Rang-De-Basanti was shot. Excellent Location To Find The Real Peace.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Explore The New World.

I Am A Traveller.A Lonely Traveller.I Really d'nt Know What My Destination Is ? But Still I Am Moving On And Exploring The World To Find My Destination.Reaching The Destination Is Not Only The Best Reward For A Traveller But Also A Dream Which He Want To Achieve.I Am Not Travelling For Fun Or Enjyoment But I Am Travelling To See Which Is Invisible And What Is Unsaid.Travelling Not Only Gives You The Power To See Invisible But Also Gives You The Ears In Heart To Listen What Is Unsaid.When You Get Both The Powers You Get Your Destination And From That Day Your Travel Path To The God Begins.Life Is All About Travelling Through Good And Bad Times And The One Who Take Both The Situation's At Ease Is The Real Traveller Whose Journey Is Completed.Through This Blog I Would Be Taking You To All Those Places Where I Go In Search Of Life,Peace And Ofcourse My Destination.............

A Saint Said To A Prince Who Was In Jungle Completing His Punishment As A Normal Human That "Your Star Says Your Luck Is Better Than A Emperor" To This Prince Asked " Who Can Have A Better Luck Than An Emperor" To This The Saint Replied " A Traveller Who Completes His Journey And Gets The Desired Destination Is More Lucky Than A King'

The Prince Was No One Else Then King ASHOKA Who Conquored Whole India.

My Journey Also Starts From Here And I Would Like You All To Join Me In This Jounrey....