Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Unseen Rajasthan-Music Of Rajasthan

Today i am sharing some Musical Instruments of Rajasthan.

Pungi (Deer Thorns )
This is made up of Deer Thorn.Curly and Curve.The Narrow End is used to Play It.It Was used in old times to Kill Deer's in Forest as it makes sound like Deer.The one i am having is of Female.
It is like Indian Guitar.It has got 5 Strings and was used to play with traditional songs.
Both are drums are used to play the beautiful music.
They are kept in hand and are shacked and they give beautiful sound.
Both the ends are of the thread are Tied up and then it is played.
This is a Brass plater and the stick.The stick is blown on it and it makes amazing sound.This is used especially when a baby is born.
Both the poles are flat and are fingers are used to play it.
Mostly used on "HOLY" the Color Festival Of India.
Generally used by the Saints to play mythological songs.
Used by the Aghori's generally.
Flute is one of the famous music instrument of India.Lord Krishna used to play this.
It has around 7 strings and the stick that is used to play is made of wood and Filly tail Hair.

These can easily be seen In Rajasthan.You might find some one near forts,Palaces and lakes playing them.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Indian Mud Pots

These are some Indian Mud Pots and Stuff that are used by the people for different purposes.
The Devil Mask
This Mask is placed on the House facing the entrance so that no evil power can enter the home.Indian's Feel that this mask prevents negative energy to enter their home and protects them.
Big Water Pot.
This is used for storing the water to drink.This pot settles all the impurity of the water at the bottom and keeps the water cool.
Small Pot
Oval Shaped Pot
Designer Pot

Flower Vask
Flower Pot
Baking Unit
This is used to bake the Indian Flat Bread i.e. "Chapati" made of wheat Flour Dough.

These small cups are used for burning the cotton wet with Coco Milk.
Body Scrubbers
These pots are used for Tea and milk.
Mud Piggy Banks
These are Mud Piggy Banks used to collect coins and notes.
Small Containers
These are used for keeping dry stuff like tea,sugar,cardamom etc.
Pot Shop
Colorful Pots.
These Pots are used in Weddings and are placed at homes after wedding also.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Unseen Rajasthan Award Time

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Unseen Rajasthan-Wild Life Rajasthan

Today i am sharing some Royal Animals of Rajasthan.These animals play a very Major Role in the Life of Indians.

Elephant Ready for Polo.

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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Unseen Rajasthan Special-Galta The Monkey Temple.

Located amidst stark surroundings, the shrine of Galta, also known as 'the Monkey Temple', cuts a spectacular spectacle. Perched on the crown of a mount, the temple, is located at close quarters from the beautiful Sisodia Rani-ka Bagh. It is said that the hallowed portals of the temple played host to the penance rituals of God man Galava. This shrine also used to register huge footfalls from the devotees of Lord Krishna, belonging to the religious order of Ramanand.

Visitors from all across the world troop to the sacred precincts of the temple devoted to the Sun deity. The brainchild of Diwan Kriparam, an attendant to Sawai Jai Singh, the Second. A trip to the temple of the Sun God, is guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience. The eastern portion of its holy precincts comprises interesting architecture. Consisting of three water bodies, drawing their regular source of water from the gaumukh, these are star attractions of the temple. This was built in keeping with the social norms of the times, an age when separate bathing ghats were designated for men folk and women folk. The lowermost water body is devoted to Lord Hanuman.


Temple GateGate to Pond
Few More UmbrellasThe Sacred PondMonkey's Playing.

This is a lovely place to visit.
Data Source only text:Google