Thursday, November 25, 2010

Pushkar Fair 2010-Pushkar-Rajasthan

Pushkar is a location based at a distance of Around 135 Kms from Jaipur and is famous for its one and only "Lord Brahma" temple in India.A pond with 52 different Ghats dedicated to different communities.

Every year in the during the starting of winter's a special and one of its own kind Fair is organised which is one of the Largest Cattle Fair of the World.People from all over the India come to attend this festival and also to purchase and sale their cattle.This is also known as a Camel Fair but now a days along with camel's , horses ,cows,oxes and many other animals are also taken up.

This year the festival was fantastic and Department of Tourism has really worked hard to make this event a successful event and they succeeded.

Do enjoy the festival with me.

Traditonal Rajasthani Performers
Horse and Camel Accessories
Camel Drinking Water
Group of Camels
Villager taking care of his Camel's
Camel's Sitting
Most Expensive Horse of the Fair
Villagers making Food.
Hot Balloon Safari In Pushkar
Sunset At Pushkar

My another Journey in Pushkar got over.I hope you will enjoy this series too.

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