Friday, May 29, 2009

The Great Indian Mask

This Photogrph Is Taken From Jaislmer -Rajasthan.This Is The Indian Monster Mask In Hindi "Mukhota".This Is Put On The Terrace In Front Just To Protect The Houses From Evil Power's.Indian's Believe That This Mask Saves Them And Gives Them The Desired Prosperity And Peace.Also On Every Eclipse They Are Worshipped And It Is Also Said That They Give Power To The Family.Well Amazing But True...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Indian Style Exercise-Sadhu(Saint)

This Photograph Is Captured From Place Known As Varansi-Banaras(India) .A Big Saint Festival Was Organised And Saints From All Over The India Came To Visit The Place To Take Holy Bath In River Ganga (The Most Sacred Hindu River).The Person In The Pose Is Doing Yoga(Exercise) Which Is An Other Way To Make The God Happy.This Pose Is Known As "Padmastak Aasan" Which In English Is Known As "Head Feet Combination".This Is Now A Days Is Not In Practice And Very Rarely We Can Get The Opportunity To See Such Saint's Doing Such Things.It Is Really Amazing That Even The Gymnast's Cannot Perform Such Exercises After Lot Much Of Practice Wherein These Great People Can Easily Do It Without Any Training..I Am Really Proud Of India !!! Amazing But True !!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Travelling In Bus

This Photograph Is From A Village "Pali".See How The People Are Travelling In The Bus.The Bus Is Completely Crowded But Due To Non Avalibility Of Both Bus And Seats The Travellers Are Sitiing On The Roof Of The Bus.Moreover The Temperature Of The Village Is Never Less Than 45 Degrees In Summer.Really Hard To Live Such Life But Still They Are Managing It.Salute To The Brave People !!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Temple And Fort Guard...

This Picture Is From Ranthambore (Tiger National Park-Rajasthan).There Is A Very Famous Temple Of Lord Ganesha And Before Any Wedding Happens In India First Invitation Card Is Sent To Him And Thenafter It Is Given To The Relatives.This Picture Is Of The Guard Of Ancient Times Who Used To Take Care Of This Fort And Temple.All The Carvings Are Done On Stone And People Worship These Stones Also.......Amazing Place ....