Monday, August 24, 2009

Unseen Rajasthan Special-Abhaneri


Abhaneri is less than 2 hours drive away. The stepwell, Chand Baori, is a square shaped well, fairly deep possibly the deepest stepwell in Indo-Pakistan region, with thousands of steep steps on three sides and a deep green pool at the bottom. The adjacent temple is presursor of Khajuraho style by 200 years.

Step Well

Step Well


Old Statues
Village Huts

This is one of the finest place in Rajasthan and i loved this trip mostly among all.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Award Time-Honest Scrap

My Heart Felt Thanks to JOEI-ALVOND

I am Really thankful to her for appreciating my Blog and also remembering me for this Award.
Her Blog is fantastic and she is a lovely writer too.All her Posts are amazing and i am proud that i found her.

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Unseen Rajasthan Special-Amber Fort-Jaipur


Man Singh one of the Kachhawah rulers built the Amber (Amer) fort in 1600 AD, with a delightful blend of Hindu and Mughal architecture and was finally completed by Sawai Jai Singh I in the 18th century. Thus, it took a full two centuries to build, much of it having been made in the 1500s. Holding a history as old as 7 centuries, this place vibrates with its legendry past, in the archaeological history. In the days of yore, the Amer Fort used to be a palace, an administrative headquarter as well as a strategic military bastion

Outside View Of Fort
Side View of Fort
The Saffron GardenThe Royal HallThe Royal RoomsEntrance To Royal FortThe Elephant StandEntrance in Royal Fort
In the middle the photograph made is of Lord Ganesha.He is supposed to be worshiped first before doing any new activity or entering the fort or homes.The King used to worship him before entering the premises.
Me Inside the Gate Block.Royal Entrance to Palace.
Glass Carvings on the Palace Walls.
Flower Pot Of Glass on the Palace Well.
"Sheesh Mahal" or Palace of Glass.
This is one of the most famous and one of its own kind of Palace Room in the World and in the History.The Room is made of glass pieces completely and when two candles are burned together in the rooms and are moved from left to right and vice verca it seems that Stars and moon are shining together.

As Queens in ancient times were not supposed to sleep in open air but they wished to see the stars and moon and just to fulfill their wish King ordered his architects to make Galaxy in their room only and then this Amazing piece came out.

Back Way of Fort
Beautiful Elephant For Safari

Another Journey of Mine is over and i really enjoyed this .I hope you will enjoy this too...