Sunday, February 21, 2010

Unseen Rajasthan Exclusive-Maha Kumbh Festival.

Kumbh Festival- Kumbh means Water pot or Vessel.Kumbh Festival is one of the Biggest Saint Festival in the World where Millions of Saints from every part of The World come to take bath in the Holy River "Ganga".I am happy that i got the opportunity to visit this Festival on 12th Feb 2010 and i am happy to share with you all.

Kumbh festival is organized in every 4 years at 4 different locations viz Nasik,Haridwar,Allahabad and Ujjain.Once happened at a location comes after 12 years only.This is the time when you can see the Real Spirituality of India.

People not only take bath but also pray to God to forgive them for all the sins they have committed.

Kumbh Festival Held every year and last for 4 months and 4 Major Baths are known as "Shahi Snan" or " Royal Bath" in which Saints according to their category take bath.

First bath is taken by " Naga Sadhu" who dnt wear anything and keep arms with them and then only other saints enter the river.

I feel it was my Luck that i got the opportunity to visit Maha Kumbh Festival.

Any questions regarding Kumbh are Welcome ..

Monday, February 15, 2010

Chaukhat-Frame of Life.

Dear Fellow Bloggers,

Some of you may know one of our fellow bloggers and a professional photographer — Bhavesh Chhatbar. See his blog. By this post, I want to inform you all that his serenity in photography is available for sale online too now. He is selling his art in the form of ready to hang and ready to stick format. He calls them "Beautiful Wall Hangings and Wall Stickings". It's indeed worth to buy one. I have bought a 36"x24" chaukhat [a Hindi word for frame] from him for my living room. Believe me, it's certainly adding to the beauty of my home. As I'm a spiritual person, I've bought a highly-detailed chaukhat of Lord Ganesha.

What a concept! I liked it very much!! Do check his store at, and buy a wall decor for your walls!!!

This is one of the Wall Hanging that i have purchased from and every one coming to my home really appreciates it because Lord Ganesha is the God of Prosperity and happiness.But i am bit jealous because now many other known to me have also ordered the same.But yes collection is seriously amazing.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tour to Rajasthan-Glimpses of Rajasthan

Today i am sharing some of the glimpses of Rajasthan.The images will show you the Real Rajasthan.For More Details log on Unseen Rajasthan.