Monday, February 15, 2010

Chaukhat-Frame of Life.

Dear Fellow Bloggers,

Some of you may know one of our fellow bloggers and a professional photographer — Bhavesh Chhatbar. See his blog. By this post, I want to inform you all that his serenity in photography is available for sale online too now. He is selling his art in the form of ready to hang and ready to stick format. He calls them "Beautiful Wall Hangings and Wall Stickings". It's indeed worth to buy one. I have bought a 36"x24" chaukhat [a Hindi word for frame] from him for my living room. Believe me, it's certainly adding to the beauty of my home. As I'm a spiritual person, I've bought a highly-detailed chaukhat of Lord Ganesha.

What a concept! I liked it very much!! Do check his store at, and buy a wall decor for your walls!!!

This is one of the Wall Hanging that i have purchased from and every one coming to my home really appreciates it because Lord Ganesha is the God of Prosperity and happiness.But i am bit jealous because now many other known to me have also ordered the same.But yes collection is seriously amazing.


RNSANE said...

Thanks for this information. If I make it to India as I hope to do, I will purchase one to bring back.

Luciana P. said...

Olá, Unseen, pássando pra te desejar um ótimo dia. Aqui no Brasil, estamos no CARNAVAL e a folia é grande. As pessoas estão se divertindo pelas ruas e avenidas. Muito samba e cerveja. Você gosta???


Gaston Studio said...

A beautiful wall hanging!

Vagabonde said...

I know Bhavesh and he is very talented. Lord Ganesha must look very good in your home.

Mama Zen said...


Delirius said...

Olá Unseen! Sempre fabulosas as tuas informações, as fotografias, esse teu amor enorme pela tua India! Beijo.

Lynn said...

That is just lovely.


I know very well Bhavesh Chhatbar blogger and I admire his shots. These are amazing***************
But I don´t know if you know me very well.
I never forget my dearest friend******************

I offer you my words:


I don't wanna write about the events (or something) of my life.
I just wanna say i'm so happy with everything and now i know that the strong things come and go and i will survive, always.
This is the best ever time of my life. I'm alive, enjoying every part of everything, every moment, every blink, every hug, every little pain, every smile...
God, i would like to say thank you about every moment that you gave in my life. I'm so thankful*

Thanks for all Bathar.
Have a great weekend.

Babli said...

Wall hanging is wonderful.